From the beginning until today, our company is a leader in technological equipment in the industry in which it operates. However, we also see our competitiveness in the selection of the highest quality staff and continuous training of our employees. In our house we maintain open, friendly and constructive atmosphere, teamwork and individual activity. We are open for new possibilities and willing to complete our team with new, creative, ambitious, motivated and hard-working staff. We are convinced that only sincere, honest and fair relationship leads us toward achieving common goal.

We offer unique opportunities in further development of your career in one of the Serbia's most dynamic companies. So, take a step forward in your career, and become a part of a talented team, committed to high performance and superior delivery.

If you consider Al Pack as place where you want to work, fill in online job application. You are also able to apply for jobs that are not offered currently.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to

Procedure for selecting new staff

The hiring process is a two way street - just as we must make sure you're the right fit for the job, you need to make sure Al Pack is the right fit for you.
The procedure will differ depending on the type of job you apply for, such as business area which that job belongs to. Typically, following steps are: