The Serbian company invests five million euros


Al Pack Uniprint is planning a new building on a 7.163m² ground next to the previous, Knauer, site Leutkirch/sz Approximately two years ago, the Serbian company Al Pack took over Uniprint after the insolvency of Uniprint Knauer including renting its building in Leutkirch West and its customers. As a clear commitment to the location Leutkirch, the CEO Nemanja Mikać states the plan to build a new building next year directly next to the current building. The ground is already bought from the city of Leutkirch.

Nemanja Mikać and his sales manager Manfred Helmholz feel a a bit lost from time to time in the current site. The complex, built in 2011 by Azur Solar, exceeds the Uniprint demands in its dimensions. Nine people in the administration on 1.900m² floor space – there are offices in Germany which have much more limited space. That is one of the reasons to build until end of 2018, when the rental contract ends, a new customized building in the direct neighborhood. All in all, together with the investments in technical equipment, the Serbian company will invest practically five million euros. The main business of Al Pack Uniprint is processing aluminium foils for packaging of dairy-, honey and jam products as well as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. “Almost all big food companies are our customers” tells Mikać, the son of the company’s founder. On the table there were lids for yogurt and dairy products from well-known brands. The diversity of customers is also noticeable in the warehouse where the addresses are displayed on the labels of printed, die-cut and goods prepared for dispatch. Especially in the South of Germany with a high number of dairies the location Leutkirch has a big advantage because of its closeness. The whole group delivers to more than 25 European countries. Only for the dairy market 3,5 billion lids are produced and delivered every year.

Expansion in West Europe

The company history started in 1994. in Subotica, in the North of Serbia. In order to advance the expansion in the Western European market, Leutkirch site was taken over almost two years ago and it has join the Group together with the Belgrade and Moscow sites. According to Al Pack Uniprint, it is one of the top 5 producers in its branch in Europe. About 300 people are employed in the four sites of the family company. Out of these 300 people 50 are currently working in Leutkirch. Most of the people from Uniprint Knauer were taken over. Long-termed, after the move to the new building, Mr. Mikać is expecting an increase in turnover and need for skilled workers as well. Mikać and Helmholz admit that it was not that easy to establish the Serbian company with a new site in Western Germany against the competition. After the announcement of the insolvency of Knauer, several customers did not count on the plant in Leutkirch anymore. Helmholz also describes the doubts at the beginning, if Al Pack Uniprint can keep the high standards. “It is not difficult to spread some insecurity”, he says. But the company managed, to comply with all delivery obligations, despite the restructuring. The same target is valid as well for the move from the existing to the new building. “Of course it helps us that we don’t have long distance to move” Helmholz explains. Exactly 7.163m² of ground, the company bought from the city of Leutkirch. The other part of the ground took the neighboring spedition Thiedmann. The Knauer building will be used by the tool- and machine seller Miller from Aichstetten. The location Leutkirch is very popular for the industrial development. That is why the city of Leutkirch is searching for free space to meet the current demands.