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Al Pack d.o.o. successfully completed the acquisition of the German manufacturer of aluminium lids, Uniprint Knauer GmbH. The acquisition was completed on 01.01.2016.

Uniprint, headquartered in Leutkirch im Algäu produced about 2 billion aluminium lids in 2015. Uniprint clients include leading national and international companies.

Uniprint produces lids for the dairy industry, printed aluminium foils for the pharmaceutical industry, in-mould labels and printed thermoforming foils. Al Pack and Uniprint will remain focused on the common goal to provide top quality and service to clients. The joint forces will consolidate the business operations of Uniprint and the market position will be retained and further developed.

Nemanja Mikać has been appointed general manager of the new company Al Pack Uniprint GmbH. During the process of restructuring, consolidation and integration, the business operations in Leutkirch will be significantly improved. This acquisition will boost growth in the priority segments, and provide an excellent opportunity to accelerate the profitable growth of the whole group.

Al Pack d.o.o. will take part in the fair FachPack 2015 for the second time, which will be held in Nurnberg from 29.09.2015 to 01.10.2015.

This is one of the biggest fairs in the field of packaging, packing, processing and logistics. We are honoured to exhibit our products at this fair again.

On this occasion we invite you to be our guests at the fair, we will be honoured and pleased to show our hospitality to you.

RosUpack is the largest packaging and packing fair in Russia since 1996, and companies from all parts of the world, such as Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Finland, USA, etc., participate in the fair. More than 19,000 professionals and specialists employed in companies in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and logistics industry participate in the fair each year.

RusUpack Fair was held from 16 to 19 June 2015 in Moscow. This year for the first time, Al Pack had the honour to exhibit its products at this fair with its daughter company AL PAK RUS. The attendance at the fair was great, and on this occasion we would like to thank everyone who visited us and who were our guests at the fair.

Company established in Russia
2014-11-14 13:29:17

The company under the name AL PAK RUS started operations in Moscow from 1 July 2014, owned by Al Pack. The office is located at the address, City of MOSCOW, Мантулинская ул., д.5СТР3. A warehouse was also opened in Moscow in order to provide faster and better quality services to the clients in Russia.

The payment in the amount of RSD 1.000.000 was made on 19.05.2014 by Al Pack Group on account of the aid provided to the endangered population in the flooded areas in Serbia. The flooding that affected our country in May 2014 was the result of the abundant precipitations and the strong cyclone “Tamara” when over 100 litres of rain per m2 were discharged for the period of 24 hours.

Home customs clearance
2014-04-13 13:32:01

Since 1 March 2014, Al Pack has been applying the procedure of home customs clearance of its export consignments, which will considerably reduce delivery terms and provide better services to our foreign partners.

3D creasing
2014-04-13 13:30:30

We proudly present 3D creasing, which will differentiate your product from the competition and make it look more attractive. This innovation is especially designed for users who want to highlight their premium brands. 3D negotiation technology enables that a part of the lid (a company logo, distinctive detail or anything else) is made higher than the remaining part of the lid (this detail is above the level of the lid). In this way, a 3D effect is obtained and your product will definitely be differentiated from other products!

Innovations as services
2014-03-19 13:32:23

Al Pack has introduced new services for its current and future clients. Now we offer Production upon Demand and Innovation as services. Our current or future partners now have the opportunity to lease R & D and production capacities. We also offer to our clients the opportunity that the required tests should be performed in the laboratory or at the production scale to assess and confirm their expectations. The duration of the project may vary, and it can be so short that it lasts only two weeks. There is an option for sharing development costs with regard to certain projects, as well as the possibility of supplying newly developed products in the near future.

Do you have a new idea? We will test its feasibility for you. We give you the opportunity to test your ideas on the equipment that you do not have and use extra knowledge of our resources in order to achieve optimal results.

How does it work?

You can contact us with a request for a new innovative project.

We will listen to your wishes and goals, and then develop a detailed plan and scope of the project (time frame, financing, laboratory tests, industrial tests, etc.)

You can come to our facilities and lease our laboratory and/or production capacities with our full support (we also have the option to perform tests without your presence).

We make conclusions together, and you decide on further steps.

Options are endless - another testing, project suspension, serial production of innovative products, intellectual rights, etc.

Production upon Demand
2014-03-18 16:02:27

Al Pack presented new services for its current and future clients. Now we offer Production on Demand and Innovation as services.

Our clients are now able to lease production facilities, which can become available to them within 24 hours. We have the possibility to operate in 3 shifts, which makes it possible to achieve large amounts of output in a short period of time. A client has the ability to define deadlines or quantities, after which we will endeavour to achieve the defined goal as soon as possible. With this option, you will not use additional capacities when you do not need them.

We have the option of switching from regular production to production upon demand at any time.

The B92 Fund launched the humanitarian campaign under the name “Battle for Babies” with the intention to successfully raise funds for the purchase of 100 incubators necessary for neonatology and other healthcare institutions in Serbia, and we gladly took part in the campaign. In this humanitarian campaign we donated a baby incubator to the Subotica Hospital. The goal of this donation was definitely the confirmation that we were running a socially responsible business and that we took care of the youngest fellow citizens who were in need of this kind of aid.

Lids creased along the edge
2013-06-10 16:04:19

Al Pack has developed a unique process of partial creasing of knocked out lids. In this way, with non-creased lids you get exceptional print quality, without the need for expensive dotted varnishing, unnecessary machine setup and security related issues. In the case of lids creased only along the edge, even these uneven surfaces are levelled during welding, and the client receives a perfectly flat lid, in the full design and print.

Print Inspection
2013-06-10 16:04:19

Since the creation of printed materials, a constant imprint has been required for decades. Al Pack has introduced the CCD cameras - based system that continuously controls printing during the print process and warns the printing press operators if any inconsistencies occur. This system constantly monitors the entire flow of the printing process, not allowing any failure to take place.

HD flexo print
2013-06-10 16:03:43

We have significantly improved the quality of printing by introducing the premium Esko® high-definition UV-flexo technology. The new system has increased the print line from 150 to 175 lpi (line per inch). Images now have the resolution of 4.000 ppi compared to 2540 ppi (pixels per inch) to date. Each detail is sharper and more colourful, which improves the aesthetic experience of your design. The print has become clearer, brighter, with more details, stronger contrast and perfect colour transitions. As if watching TV in Full HD!

AL Pack Company organized a seminar in Subotica addressing the topic “Advantages of Modern Packaging”. The main topic of this seminar was related to the modes of modern packaging, and the opportunities obtained by the same. The seminar was attended by a large number of business partners, clients and suppliers from Serbia and abroad. As organizers we can say that this was the first seminar organized by our company with the tendency to grow into regular and traditional event to take place once a year.

On this occasion we use the opportunity to thank once again to all the guests on their trust and support in organizing the seminar.

The company Al Pack from Subotica will take part in the upcoming FachPack Fair in Nurnberg, which will be held from 24 to 26 in September 2013.

This is one of the biggest fairs in packaging, packing, processing and logistics industry. Each year, this fair has an increasing number of participants and visitors, therefore we are honoured to exhibit our products at the fair. At the same time, on this occasion we invite you to be our guests, we will be honoured and pleased to be your hosts.

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